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Detailed information

Our custom Science birthday cake toppers or Science party centerpiece are all hand made just for you, at the time you order.

- This is a CAREFULLY FULLY HAND CRAFTED SET OF 3 pieces Custom look alike SCIENCE party themed birthday cake topper. Science birthday, perfect set for your Scientist party.

This centerpiece comes with:

- Foam board base, hand painted both sides over card stock/paper

- Overall height about 9-10 inches

- One look alike head matching your child's eyes/hair color/ hairstyle, skin tone

6" tall x 5" and the 5" plastic stick ready to set on top of any kind of cake

Please let us know if you'd like to use cartoonish face matching eyes/hair color/hairstyle as pic samples posted in this listing

or your child's picture: face is clipped out from your photo and superimposed on a cartoon body and painted over this. please provide a good, clear photo, a close-up taken in good light as last pic sample posted in this listing. (feature just available on foam board figure material) on this item due to measure of it, picture just will be used to match face features/shape, colors to recreate a look alike pretty similar to original picture provided.

They can be customized most any way you like. We are open to all ideas.

- One left hand with a test tube, any color you want 10" tall and 5" plastic stick

- One right hand with a test tube, any color you wish 10" tall and 5" plastic stick

- NOT INCLUDED in this set now you can order a Personalized banner any colors you want (period table shape as show in picture samples) for $2.50 extra


The figures are made of cardboard/foam and they will be hand painted to match your colors.

Figures are made with double reinforced foam board and covered with 65 lb cardboard making the piece durable and strong, about 1 inches thick.

The figures are made of card board and foam board base and they will be painted to match your colors.

a beautiful keepsake to decor after party.

- For the matching science party cupcake toppers please ask.

- Weight less than a pound.


You can look at my listings for ideas to design your own, or you can purchase them as they are shown. (some pic samples have a fake cake for picture decor purposes, not included/ not for sale)

- High quality. Awesome colors. Unique designs. Each piece is unique designed just for you! no one alike.


Remember we hand customize all orders, so make sure you order early!

You can use them in the following ways…

Entrance Table,

Guest Table Centerpiece,

Food Court Table,

Candy Buffet,

Gift Table,

guests keepsake.

All items designed by our team, no one alike, unique pieces and not found at party stores!

will be the talk of the party and your guests will want to take them home!

“If you have any questions regarding this item, please hit the “Ask a Question” button next to the price and I will get back to you within 24 hours”.

Science birthday party cake topper



Our custom Science birthday cake toppers or Science party centerpiece are all hand made just for you, at the time you order.
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Physical details

  • Weight
    1 LB
  • Color
    full color
  • Width
    6 INCHES
  • Height
    10 INCHES