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Detailed information

This is a CAREFULLY FULLY HAND CRAFTED Custom look alike FOR WOMEN BIRTHDAY themed cake topper.



The figures are made of hardening durable clay and they will be painted to match your colors.

- Will include all hobbies, favorite foods/drinks, sports/ sport teams, pets, job details and everything that helps to resemble it better!

They can be customized most any way you like. We are open to all ideas.

You could use them as a centerpieces and a beautiful keepsake to decor after party.

- Up to 1 figure. (extra figures have extra charge, please ask)

NOTE! Cake Topper Figures are not guaranteed to be exact duplication of you or your faces. Faces, bodies and props may be cartoonish in representation. These are hand made of clay and may have minor imperfections as a result of the process.

Note: These Cake toppers are not toys or edible. They can contain small pieces that may be hazardous for children. These are decorative pieces only.

- Size: The topper has a full decorated 5" diameter base and approximately 12 inches tall.

- Weight less than a pound.

Ready to set on top of any kind of cake. Under the base has a professional cake topper stand.

- The round base is not a cak

Adults Birthday - Music and Artist Birthday



Artist Birthday - Singer birthday - Women gift - cake topper - birthday cake topper - Look alike - custom party centerpiece
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Physical details

  • Weight
    0 GR
  • Color
    Awesome colors. Unique designs
  • Width
    5 INCHES
  • Height
    12 INCHES